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For Sale - Condominium, New

LTD Edition No. 2505 Turtle Creek Condominiums, Dallas

Like a beacon at the edge of the glittering Dallas skyline, LTD Edition NO. 2505 by architect Siamak Hariri raises the bar for elegant living and exquisite design in the city. Feel your spirits soar along with your expectations, in a residence that promises not only mere luxury, but an entirely new kind of estate living in the sky.

LTD Edition No. 2505 Turtle Creek Condominiums, Dallas Inspired by the natural phenomenon of “tropism”, which sees plants twist and turn to gain maximum exposure to available light, Hariri’s design centers around similarly organic forms. The entire façade is a series of subtly arcing curves, which create the sense that the building itself is reaching toward sun and sky.

In stark contrast to traditional high-rise residential design, here the essential structural elements are clustered entirely toward the rear of the building. This unique approach allows for floor-to-ceiling glass on not one but two sides of almost every NO. 2505 home – offering residents breathtaking park and city views, and flooding each space with soft, natural light.

LTD Edition No. 2505 Turtle Creek Condominiums, Dallas

“We went to great lengths to ensure the building was “single-loaded”, with the core structure at the back – giving us the freedom to create more openness and space towards the front, where residents live.”


Take advantage of a full complement of resident amenities, including a fullY equipped fitness STUDIO and residents’ lounge with wet bar, plus luxury touches like valet parking, a private car service, and a lobby that leaves a stunning first impression. You can also avail yourself of the services of an onsite lifestyle director, there to help curate your every leisure activity. And of course, your EXECUTIVE concierge is on call to assist you at all times. Life elegantly simplified, and yours to experience 365 days a year.

From the start, the plan for NO. 2505 was to foster an uncommonly close collaboration between architect and designer, to help ensure that the resulting residence would be, to borrow a German expression, a “Gesamtkunstwerk” – a totalized work of art. When NO. 2505 is completed, it will take its place on the skyline as the full expression of this lofty objective. And for the fortunate few who are privileged to live here, provide a chance to experience daily the perfect synthesis of these all-important disciplines.

LTD Edition No. 2505 Turtle Creek Condominiums, Dallas

With soaring 10-foot ceilings, bespoke crafted interiors arrayed in the finest materials and finishes, and EXPANSIVE outdoor terraces that effortlessly extend the space within, It’s easy to see your LTD Edition No. 2505 residence not just as a home, but as a canvas to your imagination.

LTD Edition No. 2505 Turtle Creek Condominiums, Dallas

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